Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Review of Heffron Farms

My family loves grass fed meats. But the prices of such things are often exorbitant. So, when I heard about Heffron Farms I was so excited. The prices were so reasonable for humanely raised meats. I wondered if it was a too-good-to-be-true deal. But I'd read a few comments on some other blogs I follow where some people liked them. So, we decided to give them a try. We ordered right around 44lbs of a mixture of various meats. The customer service was great. The people are really nice. (They were out of one of the items I ordered, so they called to let me know about it.) The meat arrived well-packaged and on-time.

So, what's the problem? We just don't like it. The flavor just isn't there. In fact, the taste seems "off" a little. And the ground beef seems to have more tendon in it than we're used to in the other grass fed beef we've tried. Since we've only tried one other company for grass fed meats (Eight O'clock Ranch) I really don't have a lot of experience to call myself an expert on grass fed meats by any means. Heffron is definitely less expensive than Eight O'clock; but when all is said and done, how my family and I enjoy the meat is definitely important. So, for us, we won't be ordering from Heffron Farms again. We'll just have to save up for Eight O'clock, unless we can find another affordable option.

Anyone had experience with Heffron Farms? How did you and your family like it?

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